Opacity Review – Beach Sloth
1 July 2017

Crystal clarity defines the pristine precision of Jason van Wyk’s “Opacity”. Quite elegant, the album has a timeless quality to it. Nearly cinematic in scope and temperament the pieces appear to drift off into the sky. By maintaining this surreal scope, the songs work on more than a traditional classical level, they also work on an emotive level. Throughout the album, a journey forms one whose unexpected twists and turns add to its profound meditative state. Melodies shimmer and shine, showing off Jason van Wyk’s understanding for letting the unexpected form an integral part of the overall sound.

Translucent drones introduce the album with the aptly named “Shimmer”. Blissful, the song is a true joy to behold as it unfolds with true majesty. Incorporating post-rock into the proceedings is the spirited rush of “Recollect” with synthesizer utilized in such an ideal way. Fragile in nature is the clever arrangement of “Clouds” where the piece shifts focus to and from the piano in such cryptic ways. Like a half-forgotten dream is the hushed reverence of “Beneath”. Like a world unto itself is the spirited “Weightless” where the strings have a nostalgic hue to them. Full of true love is the powerful “Clearing”. Easily the highlight of the album is the finale of “Eyes Shut”. Beginning with a hushed awe, the piece evolves into a multifaceted creature.

With “Opacity” Jason van Wyk delves into a whole other universe, one whose tenderness is palpable.