Attachment Review (Second Edition) – Stationary Travels
7 August 2017

Attachment was first released in the spring of 2016 on Eilean Rec. marking the labels first foray into the piano-based modern classical scene while introducing the potent beauty of Van Wyk’s compositional soundscapes to a new audience. Having mastered the original and releasing its follow-up on his own label, Ian Hawgood saw an opportunity to revisit the album and glean something more from it.

“After creating a very clean master of ‘Attachment’, I felt there was another layer to be told in the work, with its close recording techniques, dusty piano tones, and overall warmth. After inviting Jason to release his follow-up on Home Normal, we also agreed that a complete remaster using tapes would be a lovely way of approaching ‘Attachment’ again” – Ian Hawgood

Indeed, it was a worthwhile effort as the remastered version adds even more crepuscular beauty and depth of field. It is not so much that one version is better than another as it is akin to the effect of looking at a painting in two different kinds of light each of which brings out different elements to savor.