Attachment Review (Second Edition) – Beach Sloth
1 July 2017

A gentle caressing sound graces Jason van Wyk’s lush world of “Attachment”. Quite beautiful, the songs are full of vibrant color. Elements of post-rock, classical, drone, and field recordings are utilized to great effect. Rather brilliantly, Jason van Wyk lets the pieces’ ebb and flow akin the movement of waves. One moment they are about to wash over the listener, the next they recede leaving only ghostly traces of what was once there. Jason van Wyk possesses a great ear for melody for the songs have haunting qualities that stay with the listener long after they are over. Every piece additionally flows into the next, making the album more of a series of suites that work in unison to create something that feels so vital and alive.

“Kept” introduces the album with a hushed reverence. From there the sound unfurls into a glorious sea, one whose incorporation of drone feels quite satisfying. Lots of detail comes together on the powerful cresting wave of “Before”. A quirky airy rhythm leads the lovely trip of “Return”. Easily the highlight of the album is the thoughtful “Stay” where the piano playing cascades into streams of consciousness, retaining a true heartfelt approach. Sprawling and symphonic is the lush world of “Found”. Awe dominates the dreamy “Outset”. Ending things on a high note is the surreal swirl of “Depart” where a vast multitude of layers’ merge into a singular sound.

Graceful and moving, Jason van Wyk’s “Attachment” is a radiant joy.