Attachment Review (First Edition) – Beach Sloth
6 December 2016

Rather gorgeous the patient and precise work of Jason Van Wyk’s “Attachment” is an emotionally affecting body of work. Within the pieces a great variety of terrain reveals itself from shimmering ambient sweeps of sound to classically informed arrangements. By letting these songs come together ever so naturally Jason Van Wyk goes for a soothing temperament which informs the emotional heft of the album. Over the course of the piece an unspoken narrative emerges from the aural dreamworld that emerges.

“Kept” builds itself up from hushed whispers. On this piece the hushed tones give off the sense of a divine reverie. With “Before” this mood is explored much more fully as the way the song evolves results in an ever increasing blur of sound, one that Jason Van Wyk wisely pulls back from to get to the sound’s heart and soul. Quite soothing is the ambient hum of “Coherence” as a ghostly symphony emerges out from the distance. Fidelity adds to a sense of intimacy on the pitch perfect clarity of “Return”. Brilliant hues of color flow out of the swirl of “Stay”. By far the highlight of the album is the expansive elaborate work of “Found” where all previous elements are brought together to create a cohesive whole. Vague techno-like terrain makes its presence felt on “Outset”. Serene in tone is the lovely album closer “Depart”.

Jason Van Wyk’s “Attachment” offers a tender, deeply felt album one that linger in the mind long after it is over.