Attachment Review – Merchants of Air
22 February 2016

Jason van Wyk is a composer and producer from Cape Town, South Africa. For this album, his second, he delves into the world of modern classical music. Armed with piano, synths and electronics and aided by violin and cello players, he tries to immerse the listening into the elements, the calm atmosphere of an ocean, the inspiring appearance of stone, water or air. Does he succeed? Obviously, if not, Eilean Records wouldn’t have released this beautiful piece of work.

It’s very easy to compare this album to works of people like Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm or Sebastian Plano. There’s also plenty of variation, some pieces are minimal pieces of modern classical music, others, like ‘Outset’, my favorite, have a certain rhythm, reminding me of Tangerine Dream, for example. That variation gives the whole a nice flow, perhaps even something narrative.

Of course I recommend this album to everyone who loves ambient music and modern classical stuff, perhaps even to some new age adepts out there. This is a warm, gentle and seductive album that will often appear in my playlists. I can only advice you to check it out and let this gentle storm overtake you. It’s a soothing journey, I can promise you.