Attachment Review – Fluid Radio
16 February 2016

The second Eilean Rec. release added to the roster for March is by Jason van Wyk, a very Goldmund-calibre composer using acoustic piano, drone strings and bittersweet candyfloss atmospheres to paint a Nest-reaching path towards and past hope and regret. “Attachment LP” opener “Kept” is initially desolate and soul searching, but not searing, like a bad breakup of vows or orders in the mind. Thoughtfulness underlines itself on Jason’s compositional standard. The opener is merely a bookend, a prologue of sorts. Much is to be revealed by investment.

Second piece, “Before” is veering fuller into filmic worlds and imagined shadow lands, a pulse outlined on the brink of regulation ebbing and flowing like a shark bobbing underwater, evading a human captor. The important hinge in the pathbetween organic and inorganic sound here and storyline is that Van Wyk shows unnatural sounds are not always dangerous sounds. This is also a key component of the release, kicking the listener on gently with a little push instead of a fatalblow. That quality – the ability to restrain the overarching weight of the classical string – is complimentarily treatedand tempered by the piano flourishes that pitter and patter in a well of resonant melodic rain.

Rain and refrain, as such composite syllable associations, is comparable to the structural density of this recording by Jason.