Attachment Review – Chain DLK
27 October 2017

Ian Hawgood’s label Home Normal and his sister label Eileen are already known to act like smart smugglers of high-quality ambient music and soundscapes. Such a reputation got confirmed by very recent outputs, but also by some past entries, that Ian decided to remaster such as this very good album by South African prodigy Jason van Wyk, who started making music (trance music to be correct…quite far from the compositions he spread in recent years) since he was 14. He’s 27 now, but the music he made features a level that many composers only reach the adult age. The intersection between gentle breezes of electronics (some sonic strategies actually resemble the ones that featured the so-called chilled side of Trance music of the late 90ies/first 00ies… stuff by Chicane, Ocean Lab some stuff by Francois K and so on), a balanced sound design and lovely piano melodies filled this “Attachment” – a real gemstone of that branch, combining ambient and post-classical music – when he was first pushed out, but according to Ian’s words (Ian mastered and remastered this album), the first clean master should be better appreciated by some glitches, so that he kept some dust of the sound, including the ones rendered by the use of close-mic to record an instrument. In Ian’s words “after inviting Jason to release his follow-up on Home Normal, we also agreed that a complete remaster using tapes would be a lovely way of approaching “Attachment” again. Alongside his follow-up “Opacity”, with its searing vision, clarity and electronics twists; we are so happy to present another side to Jason’s wonderful work with this remaster.”. All those listeners, who already appreciated the “clean” master of “Attachment”, as well as listeners, who missed it, will appreciate the way by which the emotional intensity and the flowing piano elements, gliding over daydreaming melodious pads, got enhanced by this “dirty” remastering.


— Vito Camarretta