Attachment Review – A Closer Listen
22 April 2016

The spring releases begin with Cape Town’s Jason van Wyk, whose Attachment boasts a misty cover, portraying a cove that may still be too cold to swim in. Not so the album, which invites listeners to take a cool dip. While the set is primarily piano-based, electronic textures set it apart from the great mass of ivory recordings that have surfaced in the wake of Piano Day.

The most telling transition occurs early, at the two-minute mark of “Before”, as an electronic, tempoed introduction yields to a soft, meditative melody.

This script flip cues the listener to the fact that Van Wyk is much more than a pianist; he’s attracted to deceptively simple sounds embedded in elaborate pieces.

The violin and cello add deeper tones to these pieces as well, making even a two-minute track such as “Coherence” lodge itself in the brain. When this is followed by a one-minute track, the listener feels a bit cheated; such short tracks are perfect for cinema, but too brief for home listening. This puts a lot of weight on “Found”, at nearly seven minutes, the album’s longest track. But here the artist shines, as the piece produces a sense of flow.

When it pauses mid-stream, the shift of “Before” is reversed; this time, the piano yields, and the textures bleed through.